Screening Platform

The main screening platform in the Centre for High Throughput Chemical Biology comprises a Spinnaker arm on a 2.5 m linear track, surrounded by a full array of instruments required for HTS applications. These include:

High-Content Microscope

Molecular Devices Image Xpress - widefield (x2)

  • sCMOS camera with full resolution imaging rate at 100 FPS

  • exchangeable filter cubes with 5 excitation wavelengths: 

    • DAPI (377+/- 50)

    • FITC (482+/-35)

    • TRITC (543+/-22)

    • Texas Red (562+/-40)

    • Cy5 (628+/-40)

  • solid state LED lightsource​

Microplate Reader

Biotek Neo2

Automated Incubator

Thermo Cytomat 42C (x2)

Liquid Handler

Tecan Evo100 and Evo 150 with V&P Scientific pin tools

Plate Carousel

Thermo Multiwell Plate Hotel (200 plate capacity)

Plate Centrifuge

Agilent Vspin

Plate Loader/ Washer

BioTek 406 with multiple syringe capacity

Plate Loader

Thermo Combidrop (x2)

  • precise dispensing over a 0.5 to 2500μL range

  • accommodates microplates from 6 to 1536 wells and plate heights of 5 to 50mm

Plate Sealer

Agilent Plateloc

Plate Desealer

Brooks XPeel Automated Plate Seal Removal

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All screening data is managed through MScreen, a secure cloud-based data management system. Users have full access to their screening results via this system, which is also used for data processing and analysis to perform batch corrections, curve fitting, hit filtering and other analysis tasks.


Each user group has access to data in their own project, and may grant access to collaborators as required. Data is restricted to each individual project space, meaning that your data is both secure and private.



The Center for High Throughput Chemical Biology houses both commercial compound libraries an microbial natural products libraries. The commercial collection includes >100,000 compounds, while the natural products collection includes 7,000 extracts containing an estimated 25,000 natural product structures.



In addition to the main screening platform, the Centre for High Throughput Chemical Biology houses liquid handling robotics for compound management and library replication. These instruments can be used for cherry picking of hit compounds, formatting and preparation of compound dilution series and early pilot screening. The compound management platform comprises:

Liquid Handler

Tecan Evo150 with MCA96 and 8-channel LiHa pipetting arms, and RoMa transport arm

Plate Carousel

Tecan 200 position plate carousel

Barcode Printer

Agilent CAB printer and apply station

Plate Transporter for Barcode System

Agilent 2R BenchCel



The Centre is supported by a dedicated tissue culture facility that includes two biosafety cabinets, incubators, centrifuge, microscopes, and other minor equipment. The tissue culture facility is open to all researchers performing screening experiments in the HTCB.

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